Meet The Girls™

Meet The Girls™ - Everyday women with everyday lives, needs and passions. Our apparel is designed by

women for women and our affordable pieces are made with the highest quality to take you through all the

activities that make up your day - in style. Whether you are a gym girl, fashion girl, yoga girl or working girl,

we have something for today's everywhere 'Girl'. Our collections consist of activewear pieces that are both

functional and smart enough to take you from the gym to the street because that is what today's girl really needs! 

Our Apparel:

Classic Collection
Choose from a variety of pants and tops made with our signature cotton spandex fabric. Styles include capris,

bootcut pants, yoga styles, leggings and more! These pieces are the perfect staple for any woman's closet.

Tummy Control Collection
Offered in a wide variety of tops and pants, our Tummy Control pieces smooth and shape all body types.

After decades of producing women's clothes and studying exactly where women want more control, we

developed & trademarked a special power mesh system which is discreetly built right into our clothes.

It does all the work so you don't have to!  Learn more about our unique Blu-Tec Control System™ here.

Fashion Collection
Our fashion collection includes the most recently added styles to our line. From the latest trends in color

and styles, we are continually adding and updating our assortment.

Thanks for stopping by!

-The Girls Apparel Team